Shopify – Does It Work?

Before, I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I had stop at Shopify. After my disappointment with another affiliate program, I was searching for other ways to make income from home. So, stumbled into Shopify, which let me join for free for seven days, just like Wealthy Affiliate offered a week free trial. I did not take advantage of the seven days offered by Shopify because I found Wealthy Affiliate and I join them as well. I became intrigued by the special training offered by Wealthy Affiliate and continued until I became a premium member.

This past week end I was looking for something to write about and remembered that perhaps I did not give Shopify a fair chance. I decided to do research on Shopify. Does it work? Did I miss on anything by not joining? This is what I found.

What Is It

It is a complete commerce platform that allows you to start, grow and manage a business. You can build your online store and sell in a variety of places, such as social media, mobile, website, and online market places to name a few. The CEO is Tobias Lulke: (April 2008) , Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada. It has 1.07 billion reviews and two subsidiaries- Oberto and Tictail. Shopify is a cloud-base shopping cart solution

What Is it Use For

Shopify is a subscription to a soft ware service that allows you to create a website and use their shopping cart solutions to sell, ship, and manage whatever it is you are selling. You can get access to an admin panel where you can add new products, process your orders and enter data.

How Much Does It Cost

For Shopify basic the cost is $29.00 dollars per month with a 2.9%+30 cents per transaction. The main Shopify plan cost $79.00 dollars per month with 2.6%+30 cents per transaction. And Advance Shopify cost $299.00 dollars per month with 2.4%+30 cents per transaction as of 12/4/19.

Is It Safe To Buy From Shopify

Yes, it is one of the safes and most popular e-commerce platform in the world, but watch out for scammers. So make sure the store have contact details on site.

You can sell anything and everything you can think of, such as services, memberships, digital products, event support, rentals, classes, lessons and workshops. Yes can make money as well. You can make 70% for each theme sale you make. The average revenue per partner is $11,000.00 a year.

Shopify pays eight business days after the sale ‘s date.

Can You Get Scam

  • Yes, you can be scam. So be alert and learn how to spot a fake website. Here are a few ways to recognize a fake website.
  • Pay attention to address bar.
  • Check domain name.
  • Look up the domain.
  • Make sure that the contact information is reliable
  • Use only secure payment options.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, walk away.
  • Watch out for poor grammar and spelling

So What Have I Learn

I have realized that in October 2019, when I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, I made the most intelligent decision of the year.

In Comparison to Wealthy Affiliate

In Wealthy Affiliate you get a week free trial. It is very similar to Shopify. Then you have the opportunity to pay only $19.00 dollars for the first month. By this time you should feel comfortable enough to make an intelligent decision to join or not to join. After, the first month, you will pay $49.00 a month. You also have the option to pay for the whole year at a discount.

What is Included in This Offer

  • Six million products and services to promote on your website
  • 1,800 experts to help along
  • Instant network
  • Customized website
  • Reliable hosting

Tools Offered

  • Customs widgets
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Comparison charts
  • Promo banners
  • Comprehensives statistics
  • Customs links
  • Websites keywords
  • Build your own website
  • Attract your own traffic

No wonder I was compelled to join Wealthy Affiliate at that point and time. They offer an enormous amount of products, services and tools to help you reach your goals.

This is above and beyond the training offered by Shopify. Certainly the prices on Wealthy Affiliate are a lot more reasonable. At that time I did not get to find out the prices on Shopify because I joined Wealthy Affiliate, so I chose not to fallow up any further on Shopify until now that I did research on them.


I am very happy that at that time I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate. In view of my research now I discovered that I could have never afforded the expenses link to opening a store at Shopify. It is also too confusing for me to understand their complex system. In any case should you be interested in opening a store at Shopify do not be discourage by my findings. Do a little more research of your own on their products and services, so you can make a well-informed decision. It may turn out to be that a Shopify store is something of interest to you and you would like to consider it as an investment in your future. What may be difficult for me, might not be so challenging to someone else. So if it interests you, go for it! Give it a try. And of course if you are not happy with your findings then please take a look into Wealthy Affiliate. You may find out that is the best way to go.

I hope you find the information given on this post useful and relevant to your decision-making.

Time is on a Stand Still

I receive a letter today from my supervisor explaining the reason why I need to be on the road should I get stop by the New York State Police Department. I am to show the letter to the officer to prove to him that I am an essential employee required to report to work. Businesses are mandated to close shop. Only essential workers are allowed to be on the road. Lucky me, I work for a supermarket and food is a necessity that has to be provided to the public. So, I am considered an essential employee with the right to drive to and from work. New York streets are isolated. All the stores are closed, the Gym, the restaurants. the library, the bars. the beauty parlors and barber shops. The Pharmacies and Supermarkets and a few fast food places are among the businesses allowed to be open.

The Uncertainty

The residence of Putnam County are now prisoners in their own homes. They are compelled to stay home and obey the new laws that have been created by Governor Cuomo to fight the spread of the virus. It’s a nightmare that has made March the longest month of the year as time is on a stand still. You know the saying ‘TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING A GOOD TIME’, WELL TIME IS STANDING STILL due to the uncertainty of our future. Never in my 77 years, have I seen so much anxiety, desperation, and fear among the residents of our town. No one knows when it will end, Is it a couple of weeks? Or a couple months? No one knows the answer.

The Matilda’s Law

Matilda’s law requires that 70 years old and up seniors stay in doors so that they be protected from contracting the Covid-19. It was enacted by Governor Cuomo of New York. This law went into effect as of Sunday, March 22, 2020. All non-essential business are forced to close until further notice. There will be a $2000.00 fine to those who violate the law. I do not know If I will be compel to observe Matilda’s Law since I am 77 years old. I am hoping that I can remain working as I am an essential worker. No, I am not crazy. Unfortunately I need to work.

My business with Wealthy Affiliate is not providing me with an income as yet. It is a long journey ahead. I am anxious to get to the point where I can work from my own home. Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate family, I am not alone as long as I stay connected. Perhaps in a month or so no longer will time be on a stand still, and freedom will prevail.

How to Control an Anxiety Attack

For many years, I had this great fear of not being able to do things perfectly the way other people wanted. If I made a mistake I would feel humiliated. For days, I would be feeling uncomfortable, unable to talk and unable to sleep. In my head I would be thinking over and over what I should have done or what I should have said. Because of that, I would get sick and my stomach would hurt. I was very young and naive.

It wasn’t until years later that my doctor connected my stomach pains to anxiety and started giving me tranquilizers to control it. At first, he thought I may be having marital problems, but I assured him I was not.

What gives you anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by obstacles getting in the way of you accomplishing your daily activities. A traffic congestion when I was trying to get to the office is one kind of obstacle that has affected me. I would also get anxious if my trial balance out of balance when the auditors were due to come in a couple of days. You can’t continue to do the balance sheet or the profit and loss until the balance sheet is correct. Trying to get to work on time to the city was the most stressful for me, yet many people do it every day just as I did. I often wonder how in the world did I manage.

I first drove my son to school. Then, I drove my daughter to her school and then I had to go to my office. Wow I am tired just writing about it. I am so glad I am retired!

What it does

Anxiety can make you have a panic attack. When I get a panic attack, I freeze. I do not think with clarity and I don’t move. I don’t know what course of action to take, so nothing gets done. I would go around in circles without knowing what to do next or pace the floor for long periods of time. Fear sets in my head and thinking is impossible.

Occasionally this would happen to me when I was working at the supermarket and a customer was having difficulties or issues with their order while there is a long line of customers waiting. Not working fast enough, not thinking quickly, and not taking action to resolve the problem at hand systematically are all symptoms of an anxiety attack in progress.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Anxiety

  • Reduce caffeine and sugar intake
  • Follow a well-balanced diet
  • Take a time out; take a few deep breath until you feel relax
  • Take a walk every day
  • Think of happy events
  • Say positive affirmations
  • Keep in touch with family and friends
  • Keep active
  • Join Wealthy Affiliate

One of the things I have done to keep active was join Wealthy Affiliate. Though, I have encountered a few challenges while doing the training that gets me anxious, I am too busy to dwell on it. I get other people involve by asking question and I feel relieved while I wait for answers.

Possible Treatment

There are some natural herbal treatments like kava, passion flower, Valerian root, lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile. However, some of these herbal products may have side effects. An example of that is chamomile. This herb is in the same family as rag weed and many people can develop allergies similar to Hay Fever.

So if you decide to use any of these herbs you need to do research on them to make sure they are safe for you. If your anxiety interferes with your normal life I recommend you consult with your doctor or a professional that can guide you to the right treatment.

I LOVE MY MOM>>> So Much!

My Mom, My Guide

Since I can remember my mom have guided me through life with an immense love given to me, my sisters and my brother. I remember her picking me up and carrying me whenever I was tired. She fed me when I was hungry and protected me when I was scare.

At one time we were moving from the mountains of Puerto Rico to the valley where my dad had built a small house. As I recalled we moved during the night and there was no electricity as we know it today. They lighted the path with some kind of torches they call grillos and quinques. At that time we must have been four of us children. They were using a horse to carry our belongings.  I remember the steep hills we had to walk down on. I was crying, Mami picked me up and lovingly tried to comfort me. Then she put me on top of the horse in some kind of basket that was carrying some of our belongings. I probably fell asleep because the next thing I knew was we had arrived.

Every one was very busy arranging and putting things into place. Playing outside the house I went under a barbed wire and cut myself. Screaming and crying I ran to my mom who right away picked me up, ran to get something to put in my injured leg. She rapped it up and like magic every thing was well again.

My father struggle working long hours in the Sugar Cane plantation to support us. In October 1955 we came to New York to start a new life. With the help of my aunt, my father found a job and so did my mom. My oldest sister had to go to work as well. She was only 15 years old. She had to give up school in order to help my Dad and my Mom raise us. We did all the house chores while the three of them work. I did all the cooking. Unlike my older sister I got to finish high school. Soon after that I got a job and was able to contribute to the support of my family. In addition to helping out I will also pay for the telephone that at that time it was a luxury.

The Prayers

Mamita would pray for everybody she knew. Upon waking up in the morning she would be on her knees by the bed praying. Before going out anywhere, she would pray that GOD should keep us safe. When she return, she would pray also, this time thanking GOD for bringing us home safely. One day we were Shopping in the city looking and trying on different dresses and I noticed that she had calluses on her knees. I felt the pain and I was sad. When I, asked her about it she simply said “That’s from praying.” I did not know what to say. Mom has always been devoted to the Church. She always made sure to pay the tithes and attended to the church every time there were services. Every one loves her.

The Fashionista

I always love my Mom, but I did not learn to appreciate her until I was much older. I loved going shopping and so did she. So, on the week ends we’ll get together and head down to the city to shop. She has a sharp eye for beautiful things. At one time we were at Gimbels department store and she fell in love with a Grand Father clock the had on display. While I was looking at other interesting items in the store I noticed that she was admiring the clock so intensely that I decided to buy it for her. She was so exited and I was so happy to see the priceless expression on her face.

Buying designers cloths became one of my favorites hobbies and my Mom would be right along with me all the time . She buys beautiful clothes, shoes, bags and great looking accessories. She dresses beautiful and is admired by everyone that sees her.

I love my Mom’s Jewelry

One of the places that I frequently shop at was THE DIAMOND EXCHANGE in lower MANHATTAN, After showing my MOM some jewelry I had purchase,  she wanted to come along with me to keep me company. On doing so she acquired the most beautiful collection of jewelry.  I love my Mother’s Jewelry. It is breath taking.

Today is March 1rst. Today is my Mom’s birthday. She is  103 years old. I would like to HONOR MY MOM by letting her know how much I love her and what she means to me. However, there are no words in the dictionary that can express the deep love I feel for my mom, I LOVE YOU MOM. Have a wonderful Birthday!



Wealthy Affiliate marketing~~~Is it worth it?

What IsWealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program designated to teach individuals that are interested in having or creating a successful on line business. You are able to turn what ever you are passionate about into your niche. Through specific lessons you will learn step by step how to turn your niche into a profitable business. You will learn to create your first website by the 3rd lesson. Fallow, by how to make money with the links provided by Wealthy Affiliate of such company as AMAZON, EBAY, WALTMART, CLICK BANK, SHOPIFY and many others.  Wealthy Affiliate program will provide the most elaborate education on affiliate marketing in the word. You will have the best technology in the market at your disposal, a great interacting community that will answer all your questions and will guide through your lessons, and the best tools provided to maximize the marketing skills you require to reach your goals and be competitive. Once, you are done with the training, you will be able to compete with the expert marketers a lot easier. Wealthy Affilliate Marketing, Is it worthy? Allow me to explain in detail.

Is it worthy

To join the Wealthy Affiliate you will need no money up front and you will not need a credit card either. Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to start for free for the first week so you can determine if this is something you will be interested in. Then after the first week if you are not sure yet you can have the first month for $19.00 dollars. By this time you should be confident enough to know that this is something you would like to do. At this point you can cancel if you don’t like it or you can become a premium member for only $49.00 dollars a month. $49.00 dollars a month, is this cost effective? Does the benefit out weights the cost ? Let us see what you will be getting for your money?


  • Custom widgets
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Comparisons charts
  • Promo banners
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Customs links
  • Website Key word Tools
  • Build your own website
  • Attract your own traffic

Among other services that are included in your premium membership are:

  • Free secure and reliable hosting
  • You won’t have an overhead because you will be working from your home
  • Access to 600 million products and services to promote on your website
  • 1,400,000 members in 193 countries worldwide
  • 1,800 experts coaches
  • Access to millions of keywords
  • Instant network
  • Customize Website with about 3000 themes designs

You will have to agree that the benefit are greater than the cost.

What is the training about?

You will have a choice of two different training;

Affiliate Bootcamp And Online Entrepreneur Certification.

With Affiliate Bootcamp you will get 7 courses 70 lessons. You will be taught how to create and established a business base on promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program as your niche.

The lessons here included are;

  1. Getting your business rolling
  2. Content, Keywords, and Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media
  5. Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo,& The Power  Of PPC
  7. How to Scale Success PPC Campaigns

On Online Entrepreneur Certification you will get five courses, 50 lessons. Each course will consist of 10 lessons.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money
  4. Mastering Social Engagements
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

The Creation

Wealthy Affiliate was created by two gentlemen names Kyle and Carson on the year of 2005. They have been in business successfully for 15 years, without a price increase. They are very active. Unlike other marketing training where you can never find the owners, Kyle and Carson are always available. They are visible among the community, available to answer question and give a hand should you need help.

My Opinion

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was concern because I am not computer savvy. How does anybody go into an online business without computer knowledge? you may ask. Because, previous to joining Wealthy Affiliate, I had joined another Affiliate Marketing Program. After paying a hefty amount of money I did not even get the credential I needed to enter my user name and password. After that I received a phone call from a couch offering his help for $5, 7, and 9,000.00 dollars plus, for his undivided attention. I declined that offer. I became a little suspicious after this two incidents. Although, I continue trying to get in touch with them by email, It led to no results. Credit Cards will protect you. And I am the perfect proof of that. I call my credit card and thank GOD I was able to get my money back.

I was extremely disappointed sad and depress. But I did not want to give up, so I went to GOOGLE and did a search on Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate pop up at the top. Yes, I joined for free. My goodness no credit card needed! How wonderful is that? After that terrible experience I was not using my credit card for anything on the internet. So my friend be mindful of the scams going on the internet because they are very convincing. If you are looking to make additional income on line, join WEALT HY AFFILIATE today. Don’t wait. In a few months your life may be changing for the better.

With gratitude



What is so confusing


Oh! My God I got my training lessons confused. I can not determine what is so confusing about my training. I have been trying to advance on the lessons I missed while I was in Florida. Every time that I overcome a hurdle another one challenges me. I overcame some of my writing issues so now I am having problems given feed back, also, known as comments

Difficulties Expressing Myself

I thought given comment was easier than that. Perhaps the person that is receiving them is not available to read them and approve them because I have given four of them and I have not gotten any feedback as yet. For this reason I do not know what is expected of me or for that matter what is the right words to say. Is there someone there that can explain to me how this is done.

I started the training with boot camp, Fallowing step by step the instructions given by Kyle and Carson . Apparently when I got to lesson five on boot camp I switch to Entrepenuer Training without realizing I was doing so. Working on this training I finished level one without noticing the Boot Campswish. I was very happy with my accomplishments so far. I move on to level two and I was confused a bit about what I was learning but gave it no mind. There was a difference but not big enough for me to notice the change.

Level 2

I began level two overcoming the obstacles that got on my way until I got to lesson seven . Over here I am being ask to give comments to other websites so I can get comments in return. Frustration sets in when I was not able to get comments in return. My comments were in moderation. But what does that mean? Did I say something wrong? Did I do something wrong? But What? I thought I will never get over this problem. And BOOM!!!. It finally hit me. I am doing the wrong training. But not only that, I am actually shifting back and forth between ON LINE ENTREPRENEUR CERTICICATION and AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP. Oh! My God ! What do I do now? I am in panic. Frozen, not knowing what to do next. This is where I screamed for help. Yes, I know no one heard me. I ask the community for help and thank GOD they did respond.

What To Do

By this time I am thinking rational. I went back to my lessons in Bootcamp. I realized that the lesson in Bootcamp ask for review exchanges on the website posts, while Online Entrepreneur certification ask for comments exchanges on Give & Take discussion. Two very different subjects but similar enough to get someone like me very confused. I ask my daughter, after I told her about my fiasco, what should I do? Cool, Calm, and Collected, she said,”well, can you do both?” I suppose I could, I replied. Why didn’t I think of that myself. No one said I couldn’t .


I have gotten help from various members of the wonderful community at WEALTHY AFFILIATE. It is wonderful to feel that I am accomplishing some work as I move forward on my lessons. I have decided to do both training since I am already in the middle of both of them. Now that I know why I was confused I be able to understand with clarity what to do next.

Sometimes when you have to face problems you can not see the solution right away even though is right in front of you. In my case it turns out to be beneficial the fact that I got my lessons confused because I am learning both training at the same time, which will prove to be an asset after all.

With Gratitude


How do you Keep Your mind Healthy


As you grow older your physical body as well as your mind start showing signs of aging. Our minds get crowded with all the duties and responsibilities we have to carry out on a daily basis. We tend to forget things like where the car keys are. We go somewhere to look for something and by the time you get there you have forgotten what it is that you wanted. Forgetting appointments we have made previously becomes a habit. How
about forgetting your children’s name? That happens to me all the time. I will be trying to call my son or my daughter and I can’t come out and say their name. Their name is on my head but my lips can not call it out. I forget for that moment. Sometimes I forget where I am going or I am so distracted that I will pass my destination.

Many suggest that there are several ways to slow down this process. For example, reading books, doing an exercise routine, not smoking or drinking, or doing drugs, listening to music and dancing and of course, socializing, doing trivia, crossword puzzles and games .


Reading books will keep your mind in suspense as to what will happen next, what will the conclusion be? The excitement and anticipation of the final chapter will keep the mind energize. On the other hand the exercise will keep your blood pumping up to the top where your brain resides. Your muscles will get strong and healthy as well as your heart.


Drinking is very harmful to your well-being. So why jeopardize you health by drinking? If you must have a drink to socialize or celebrate a special event then drink in moderation. Alcohol makes you brain incoherent and your body unstable. Your judgment becomes impaired, for that reason you can not drive while intoxicated. A drunk individual put his life in danger as well as others. He can not do any hard work or have any responsibilities, or make any important decisions. On the other hand, drugs will fry your brains like they show on the commercial of PREVENTION of DRUGS. You are not here on earth. You are in a different planet. Unconscious to rest of humanity. What good is that?

We all know for a fact that smoking can kill you by giving you lung cancer. So why put your health at risk by smoking. Don’t substitute cigarettes with vaping either. They are both killers. We see it all over the news on a daily basis.


Music can appeal to every mood. Rock, Salsa, and Rumba can help with any kind of exercise. It would make the routine easier to do and at the same time enjoyable because it feels like dancing. Slow and romantic music will help you unwind, will relax your body and calm your mind.


Trivia and cross word puzzles will keep your brain cells active. For those people that like to be challenge, this is a great tool to used to maintain your mind concentrating. And those cells communicating with each other.

Affirmations and repetitions will reprogram your minds by creating new habits and getting rid of old ones.

So what is the relation of all this information to my niche ? The answer is that I have chosen  Wealthy Affiliate, to be my mind activator.

In searching for something creative to do and at the same time earn some money I came across AFFILIATE MARKETING. This is ideal!, I said to myself but in the process I encounter a few disappointments which I have previously touched on in some of my other post. Doing a search on Googles I found a WEALTHY AFFILIATE free trial offer. You can not beat that. You get an opportunity to find out if your are comfortable with it or if you will be able to handle it. So here I come, I joined for free. Oh! I got this! I took advantage of the first month offered at nineteen dollars. By this time I realized It is easy enough for me to do although I have no computers skills. Step by step you are taught in class room, with tutorials, videos, lessons questions and answers and practice work while your are creating your own income earning website. Your own business.

This is for me the perfect solution on maintaining my healthy mind. How about you? What will you do to keep your mind healthy? I will do whatever it takes because I love my life. I love my Mom, my children, my grand children, my brother and sisters.

So, how do you keep your mind healthy? Fallow some or all of the suggestions above. You may have some ideas of your own that you can incorporate all together into practice or you can do what I did join the WEALTHY AFFILIATE Platform for the ultimate work out of your brain.


Thanks you!

I am Retired, Now What?


About ten Years ago I was still working in a Nursing Home.

While sitting down on my break, making a plan of how I could earn money without working my coworkers wonder what I was doing. In explaining to them that I was looking for ways to earn money without working, they laugh and simply said.’when you find out let us know. I continue working on my plans because I need to make more money and did not know how.


I decided to rent part of my house. So I created a private entrance for the second floor where I was to live, and still living now.
I have a vacation home that is sitting there most of the year with no one in it. I wonder if I could earn some cash from it. Now I have said in many of my comments to the Wealthy Affiliate family, that what you think about you will bring about. Now this is true according to many books I have read on self-improvement. So to prove that this is so, I received a letter from a management company, asking me if I would like to earn an income from the house. They will take care of all the details required to get started I WILL MAKE ANY MONEY BET, that I attracted that with my mind. I asked my son to do research about the company to make sure they are legitimated. My children gave me the OK to go forward with that business deal. Now I have two different sources of income without working, but what else can I do to acquire another source of income? The answer lies on my retirement.


Retirement would mean that my physical body would be free to start a new career, if I choose to do so. Now I am getting my pensions and my social security income. Again, additional income without working. Not forgetting that now I am free to get other work. I am retired, Now what?


I have a hair dressing license, a certified nurse’s assistance license and a home health aid license as well. Finding work was not difficult. This kind of training is always in demand. Unfortunately, people always get sick and need help weather at home or in nursing homes. GETTING THE JOBS

I got a private duty job providing home care work. The nurses, the supervisors and the physical therapist I work with in past always found work for me. I was highly recommended by my previous employers. With my hair dressers experience I would go to the elderly people who needed help and shampoo and style their hair. I did anything I could do to survive. It is not enough just to barely make it. I needed more stability. Still looking for some kind of miracle that would give me financial freedom. So I turn to on line work. But how can I do this if I don’t know anything about computers? I ask myself.


Asking several people where I could go for computer training I found out that the public library has lessons for seniors-0 so, I schedule to go to the library a couple of days a week for the basic training. I now have a general idea of how to use a computer.

I was able to get a free trial from for fourteen days, but after getting into Wealthy Affiliate community I did not have enough time for both of them so I had to give it up. Also, I look into some videos I found on Pay Pal website while I was opening my account with them. It was Wealthy Affiliate that I chose to stay with.


Now that I am retired from my regular employment, I am in need of finding something interesting to do to keep my mind occupied while at the same time energize the wires on my brain. Wealthy Affiliate will keep my brain constantly working. Looking for ways to write and finding, solution to problems, making comments and answering question will definitely give my mind enough exercise to keep my brain functioning in a youthful way. My conclusion is to learn everything I can from Wealthy Affiliate since I have chosen them as the best platform for me to fallow. This is what I intend to do, NOW THAT I AM RETIRED.

My Gratitude To All.



As my story evolves you will see how I got here to this point. About four months ago I joined a hypnotic program to help me think positive. On their website they had an ad for a training on affiliate marketing. Their ad was so compelling, that I decided to join for a very hefty price, if I may say so. Formy understanding this process was so easy that you just had to sit down and watch the money rolling in. A couple of days later I received a call telling me that if wanted to start making money faster it would be better working with a one-to-one coach. This would require a credit card with a large credit limit as for the couching services were very expensive and of course they wanted the money up front. I became a bit suspicious when they ask me what was the limit in my credit card. Now, with that red flag up, I declined the coaching services. To my surprise, I started receiving emails of insert on postthings I had to do, lessons I had to fallow and videos I had to watch. But all the links that they provided would not work. There was something missing. I had not established a username or a password. I communicated with them asking for the details I needed to create a username and a password in order to log in, to no avail. The links all led to the same point, your username and your password and I did not have them on file. They never had provided me with that information.


 Among the promises that they made was a sixty-day full refund policy. If you were not completely satisfy you can ask for a full refund and your money will be return immediately no question ask. They promise that they would stay looking over your shoulder guiding you to make sure you did every thing right . They even had many bundles of one hundred dollar bills display on their webinar. Very captivating with their promises and the visual effects.


 I soon realized that communicating with them was an impossible task. There was a ticket created and I will soon hear from them. When, I heard back from them the message would be, they are working on it. In the meantime I should let them know if the problem was corrected . Going around in circles was the only thing that I accomplish.


 I received the credit card statement with the charges added on. The credit card requires you to contact the merchant first before they can help you with any transaction. I was upset, frustrated and full of doubts. But my biggest worry was to lose my money to a scam. So I send the company an email requesting my money back since I had sixty days to ask for a refund. No response was received. I contacted my credit card customer service and explained the whole scenario to them. They agreed to remove the charges of my statement . But warned me that if they disagree we may have to dispute. Was I relieved to get my money back!


 I was crushed and disappointed. For a while I did not know what to do. The chances of becoming an Affiliate had been destroyed. Then I decided to look up affiliate marketing on the internet. And there it was, I read all the information provided. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And I decided that this may be the way to go. I found it very interesting. After researching all that they provided on their platform, I decided to join them. What convinced me to try it was the free trial that they offer. I tried it for a week. With no money up front, no credit card and no nonsense, I felt I could not go wrong by trying it, and so I did.

My ambitions of getting into affiliate marketing have returned to me once again. I’m excited to be learning the platform of Wealthy Affiliate although, the progress is moving very slow. My goal is to complete all five levels in six months. Something good came out of the bad experience, my online business was born.

The conclusion of this story is that one has to be aware of all the scams that are floating around the internet. Here I almost fell into a trap with the possibility of losing a lot of money. And the sad part is that I did get the ad from a website I trusted. The scammers know all the angles. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, because that’s how I got here to tell you my story.


Moving Forward

I have been working on lesson three for about two weeks. I have written a number of small stories that I feel are not good enough to post on the website. So I haven’t . So what do I do to get started? Well, I have decided to write about it and see if I can break through the blockage that is holding me back.

Looking to move forward

I want to get to lesson four, but I can not do so until I have written something interesting for my website. When I find a key word that is appropriate for my niche I find it difficult to express to the audience what is good about the product , how to use it or how they can benefit it from it. Once I start to write, I find myself drifting away to other subjects that have no relation to what is relevant to the niche. Therefor, I lose concentration on the subject at hand.

I have read many of the community blogs to see if I could learn from them .

The content that they write about is very informative, impressive and convincing. I know, that I have to express myself in a cohering, clear and knowledgeable manner if I want to capture the attention of the target audience, as well as getting good rating from the search engines.

Finding a person to write for me.

I have asked several people if they can write for me, However, the only one that developed an interest for it and volunteer to help me was my grand 10 years old girldaughter. She is only 10 . But, she is determined to write for me . She is very exited about it. At this point I am willing to try anything.

I do, understand that I can hire someone to do the writing for me and I will definitely consider that in the future when I will be earning some income. Right now I would like to move ahead in my training .

Does anybody else experience writing block?

I have heard that even professional authors that have sold many other books before sometimes find themselves unable to write. They usually have to wait awhile until they feel comfortable enough to awaken their creativity again and resume brain storming and start writing again .

Time is of the essence

In my case, however . I need to be creating blogs to put content on my website that will interest my audience as soon as possible. Also, I need to continue my lessons which are on hold at the moment because the task I have to do requires me to post a blog on my website. There is no time to waste. I am taking action. I went on line to do some research on how to improve my writing. A few books came up on the screen that I found may be of interest, not only to me, but perhaps for some other members of the community as well. These books are available in the Amazon website.

I ordered the book IMPROV FOR WRITER, And my goodness I can not believe they charged 12 dollars and 95 for shipping when the book was only 11 dollars and 95cents. Well, when there is the need you can not question how much you will have to pay. You just hope that the benefit is greater than the cost. My new book will arrive by the end of the month. I sure hope that it will be worth the wait and the spending.

Found The Answer

I have acquired some assistance for my writing and hope to get started posting in a regular basis to my website as soon as possible. I also have joined a program on the Internet that will teach me how to write. It’s a wonderful program easy to fallow.